Friday, July 22, 2011

I love Sulky

Well, I am back after a intense Sulky Course.  We travelled to Toronto on Monday with a lot of traffic right from Kingston on the 401.  After a couple of stops we arrived at the hotel Delta Markham about 4:00.  We had to be in the classroom before 8:30 as the teacher Ellen Osten starts promptly at 8:30 and we have to be ready to sew at 8:30.  We stopped for lunch and dinner not a full two hours and back at it for 7:00 and we have to quit at 9:00.  (I actually stopped at 8:00)  Wednesday you ask was exactly the same.  Oh yea Thursday the same with the exception of quitting at 5:30 and getting to leave Toronto by 6:00.  You ask did I pass of course I have my certicate to prove it.  I will be hosting a Sulky event in the very near future and I will let everyone know as soon as Margaret and I get some dates.  We will be hosting a evening session and a Saturday session.  I have to get caught up with email, service and etc. I hope to be caught up by Saturday at close.  Wish me good luck.  I do plan on having some pictures post very soon so everyone can see how much fun we had.  Talk to everyone soon.  Debbi

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trying to get caught up

We spent the weekend at the trailer as I had Friday and Saturday off.  The weather was great and a good time was had by all.  Chicken & Ribs dinner on Friday with some friends and family made for a great Canada Day.  I spent 4 or 5 hours (not all together) sewing on Saturday what fun I had.  With the house up for sale again and more stuff pack I am  really missing my stuff.  I finished some roll up placemats what fun.  It is already Wednesday night and I have not got much done this week on my samples for the fall.  I have to get cracken.  We are planning an exciting Fall with Smith Street Designs Quilt block of the month, more recipes (this time they contain chocolate each month yummy), jacket class, more 5D classes, Debbi's Discoveries and I am sure that there is more in this brain of mine.  I wish that I have a on/off switch for the brain.  Well it is only 9:50 and I am falling asleep I better go.  Debbi

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh you should see the designs

You gotta see the design packages Margaret and I picked out.  I need to get them on my computer to start stitching them out.  They are fabulous.  Don't bug me today it's a stitchingday.  (Only kidding.  Lots of bugs are welcomed.)  We have only listed the house on Monday night and we had our first showing with the new agent already (Tuesday night no offers yet but the feedback was positive and the clients are seriously thinking about it).   In the next few weeks I am going to be stitching galore and hopefully posting pictures and getting ready for my Sulky class in July.  I am so looking forward to the class.  To will e excited to hear what Carolyn and I have up our sleeve for the Fall, a hint Debbi's Discoveries.  More to follow. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well we did it

Well the papers are signed, the sign will be going up in a day or so.  Clean than clean again everyday or every morning hopefully with the changes, our agent used, (what a transformation in the basement) the house will not be long in selling this time.  So I will let you know if it has paid off.  I updated Mary Anne 5D and guess what it worked.  On to more laptops.  I have decided to change my blog a little in the next coming weeks, I was sent a link to a blog and I thought it was terrific.  She had a sewing machine as a picture and had some instructions on an embroidered hand towel with a tab (which is why I checked out the blog in the first place).  I will be asking people to let me know what they think of my changes.  Now that I don't live in my house I will need to be busy.  Oh I did forget to mention that there is a higher power might not wanting us to sell this house.  Monday morning Tim had asked Brian, our son to stop by and cut the grass in the front.  Brian had just finished working 3 twelve hour night shifts and he was here at 8:00 a.m.  Brian pulled the lawn mower cord to start the mower when the handle fell off.  He came in found a screw driver and fixed the handle, not perfect as it fell off again.  Great he finished cutting the front lawn least looking good for the pictures.  Next little job I asked him to plant the two trees that I had gotten.  He found an old shovel in the back yard, Tim had the trees where he wanted them Brian put the shovel in the ground and you guessed it the handle broke.  This 6' 4" big guy using the metal part of a shovel planting trees on the property known as the tree hater house (Tim's doing not mine).  Brian said very hastly Mom there is something not wanting you to sell this house maybe Dad and I need to go home to bed I am tired.  Back to my blog any ideas on improvement?  I need help, no not that kind of help.  Debbi 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The house

The house is almost ready again.  Packing more, painting again, planting a couple of trees for the first time.  The pictures will be taken on Monday at 9:30 a.m. and the papers signed again on Monday night.  The house down the street sold so now we will be the only house on our street for sale.  Wish us luck.  I think that we have found a house we like even better than the log cabin (that sold about 1 month ago).  We have to wait and see.  I am waiting for the new embroidery designs that Margaret and I ordered on Monday to do some stitchouts.  I am also setting up the Designer Diamond Deluxe to play.  We also have a promotion on that if you sit down and have a demo on the Diamond you get a chance to win a Diamond necklace valued at $1199.00.  Don't forget to stop in and fill out the ballot.  Will back to packing.  Here I go again. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What can I say

Well what can I say we have decided to list our house again with a new agent.  We are back at it painting closet doors and scrapping off wall paper in our basement (mind you it about 20 years old so it owes us nothing) and it is coming off quite easily.  I not sure but, I might have found another house.  Tim will get to see it on Thursday at 5:30.  We have to be ready for pictures by Monday a.m.  I would like to welcome a few of people to our embroidery club with software.  Look out for Debbi's Discoveries they are coming soon.  We also have some new embroidery projects coming soon. as well.  I better get back to work before my husband decides that this is not worth it.  Talk to everyone in a couple of days.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Old Spaghetti Factory here we come

Well Margaret and I have made it to the hotel without any incident.  The hotel is really nice.  Go figure I am spending Father's Day with Margaret and we are going to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  I have never been there before so I am looking forward to going.  While waiting for our reservation time we are watching the Courtship of Eddie's Father the really old version.  I am looking forward to learning more tomorrow on the new Diamond.  I have lots of questions for Doreen. One funny thing did happen imagine something happening to Margaret and I.  The fridge in the room is full of product and it is censored if you move it you have bought it.  Does not matter if you drink or eat it.  So I suggested that we fill up the bathroom sink with ice to put the diet coke and diet pepsi in the sink to get then cold.  Great idea huh well I used the washroom and wanted to wash my hands so next great idea use the taps in the bathtub turn the taps on and I got soak as the shower was turned on.  Explained what I had done to Margaret she laughed.  30 minutes later Margaret used the bathroom and guess what she got wet as well trying to wash her hands. Well The Old Spaghetti Factory was okay as our dinner was not as hot as it could be and I ended wearing more of the penne chicken on my T-Shirt than I wanted to.  After I digest I will be going to work out in the gym.  It is fun to have a treadmill that you can watch T.V with.  The screen is on the wall but there is a screen on the treadmill as it is monitoring her heart rate.  Will wish my luck with getting the answers to my questions tomorrow.  I will updating you tomorrow.  Debbi